GEMMA selected as one of the best Masters in Spain for the 9th time in a row according to El Mundo

Mon, 07/03/2023 - 12:44
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Every year, El Mundo newspaper publishes a ranking with the highest quality master's degrees offered in Spain, based on criteria such as the demand for the master's degree, the academic program or the results. For the eighth consecutive year, the GEMMA Master's Degree has been recognized as the best Master's Degree in Spain in the "Family and Integration" category.

In 2006 the GEMMA Master was selected by the European Commission as Erasmus Mundus Master, the first and only one with such distinction in Women's and Gender Studies. In 2011 it was selected again, being qualified as "the reference Master in Women's and Gender Studies at a European and global level". Again in 2017 and 2019, the GEMMA Master was selected by the European Commission as an Erasmus Mundus Master, granting it funding of more than four million euros, the highest figure among all the beneficiary masters.

This funding has made it possible that during the eighteen years of its existence more than 300 scholarships have been awarded and almost 900 people from all over the world have studied it to date.

The GEMMA Master's Degree is an interdisciplinary two-year academic program. It is taught simultaneously at 7 European Universities: University of Granada (Coordinator-Spain), University of York (UK), University of Lodz (Poland), Central European University (Austria), University of Utrecht (The Netherlands), University of Bologna (Italy) and University of Oviedo (Spain).

Students carry out their studies at two of the universities in the consortium, and must complete at least one semester at the mobility university. Upon completion of their studies, GEMMA students obtain a double degree, issued by the two universities in which they have completed the program. The official languages used in the partner universities are Spanish, English and Italian.

In its 18 years of existence, the GEMMA Master has created a wide network with more than 44 partner organizations, including 15 international universities, which collaborate with the GEMMA Consortium to offer a unique program both in Spain and globally.

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