image of a plane and travelling ticketsIn the selection process you are asked to indicate your preference for 2 universities where you want to study: your Home University and your Mobility University. For every new edition of GEMMA each individual mobility path is decided upon during the Consortium student selection meeting.

The students’ choices and their areas of study are carefully reviewed at this stage. Student preferences are always taken into account and they will be respected as long as a balanced distribution of students among all consortium member institutions is kept. However, due to the high number of applications to our programme, there is a possibility that you will be offered a different mobility route than the one you originally requested.

Students can start at any of the consortium institutions and all mobility paths are available providing they involve institutions from two different countries (thus excluding Granada-Oviedo/Oviedo-Granada), which makes a total of 40 different mobility paths.

Master's information:

  • Master's length:
    • 4 semesters
    • 2 years, full-time
  • ECTS: 120 (30 per semester)
  • General structure:
    • First Semester
      • Autumn/Winter
      • Core cluster: 30 ECTS (Same at all institutions).
    • Second Semester
      • Winter/Spring
      • Cluster A: 30 ECTS (Specific to each institution).
    • Third Semester
      • Autumn/Winter
      • Cluster B (Mobility): 30 ECTS (to be taken at a partner university).
      • Optional courses (Including practical training and intensive summer schools. Specific to each institution).
    • Fourth Semester
      • Winter/Spring
      • Master Thesis: 30 ECTS. Either at the home or the partner institution.

Important: The mobility will be conducted in the third semester according to the following combinations:

Mobility combinations
  Gr. Bol. CEU York Lodz Ovi. Utrecht
Gr. --- ---
Bol. ---
CEU ---
York ---
Lodz ---
Ovi. --- ---
Utrecht ---
  • ✓means that the mobility combination is possible and --- means that the mobility combination is NOT possible.
  • Since the GEMMA programme requires international mobility, the only combination that cannot be selected is Granada-Oviedo and/or vice versa.
  • Subject to final internal approval by the University of York.