Successful stories and employability after GEMMA

You can read some of our graduates' experiences after GEMMA.

Employability Survey

GEMMA graduates highlighted the following features of GEMMA as the strongest assets in terms of future employability:

  1. Personal and professional experience in a multilingual, multinational and multidisciplinary environment;
  2. Possibilities to develop contact networks with gender students, scholars and academic centers worldwide;
  3. Cross cultural communication and logistic coordination skills acquired with mobility together with adaptability and a global perspective and the ability to navigate between differences, essential in this ever globalizing world.;
  4. Obtaining two European official master degrees from two internationally renowned universities, with the added value of different contexts and languages, cultures and academic traditions and recognised by all consortium partners;
  5. Education of the highest standards and EM international references and recommendations for further employment;
  6. Solid theoretical basis for doing research and the acquired ability to think critically and outside-of-thebox, which proves to be an excellent background for further PhD studies;
  7. Theoretical value of gender studies and feminist theory, especially given the combination of social sciences and humanities, which come across as insightful and original for research in other fields of study;
  8. Demand from institutions for gender specialists;
  9. Its interdisciplinary curriculum helps graduates contextualise their knowledge in the presence of various types of audiences, a very valuable skill on the labour market. It helps seek employment with various types of organizations - public, private, government and non-profit, while job opportunities include arts, public health, education, government, communications and media, law, public relations, international relations or further research.