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Erasmus Mundus alumni

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TALENTIA scholarships

Amongst GEMMA graduates there are 6 holders of the prestigious Andalusian government Talentia scholarships who are assisted with a work placement in the regional institutions for the next 4 years upon graduation (two of these have just recently become PhD research fellows at UGR, another one is working at the Andalusian Institute for Equal Opportunities, another one is employed by University of Cádiz, one is employed by the International Relations Office of the University of Granada, and the sixth one has started her own feminist text editing house.TalentiaLogo

Publication of a book with the participation of GEMMA alumni

The book "A mí me sacaron volada de allá". Relatos de vida de mujeres trans desplazadas forzosamente hacia Bogotá presents the results of the research carried out by the Interdisciplinary Group of Gender Studies - GIEG, of the National University of Colombia, within the framework of the Academic Research Programme - 2011, of the Bogotá Archive Directorate.

This research is a contribution to the historical memory of the country and Bogotá from the voices of 10 trans women victims of the Colombian armed conflict, who have been forcibly displaced from their places of origin, settling in the country's capital. This book opens up a line of research that has been little explored in the Colombian context: the intersection between non-normative gender identities and the armed conflict, and allows us to get closer to other voices - generally silenced - of what war means.

Book " A mi me sacaron volada de allá (Spanish) (pdf)


  • Susan Herrera Galvis
  • Lina Tatiana Lozano Ruiz (alumna egresada de la 2ª edición del GEMMA, 2008-2010)
  • Ana María Ortiz Gómez
  • Nancy Prada Prada