Monika Glosowitz

The two-year GEMMA experience was one of my best decisions and fruitful opportunities I have encountered throughout my education. It actually taught me that learning is about sharing stories. So here is mine.

Currently I am back in Spain, doing my internship at the University of Oviedo and working on my PhD thesis Affective Aesthetics. A Study of Representations of Emotions in Contemporary Polish Women's Poetry in collaboration with two supervisors: dr hab. Alina Świeściak from the University of Silesia in Poland and Dr. Luz Mar González-Arias from Spain.

Since I finished MA in GEMMA programme, I have published several articles on women's representations in literature, translated excerpts from Rosi Braidotti's, Sara Ahmed's and Luce Irigaray's work into Polish, attended international conferences in Dubrovnik, Lisbon and a summer school in Utrecht. I have been working as an associated editor of two Polish cultural journals: “artPapier” and “Opcje”, lately I have been nominated as a member of the editorial board of “Polish-Canadien Comparative Studies” established within the cooperation of the University of Silesia and the University of Alberta.

Apart from my academic career – all the theoretical and analytical investigations, I have been implementing a gender approach in practice: as a teacher in a lower secondary school and a lecturer at the university. What is more, I am trying – as much as I can – to cooperate with grassroots movements, mainly with those focused on the issue of domestic violence.

I do believe that education, as a permanent process of recognising differences, therewith becoming conscious about own privileges and trying to minimize inequalities, is the most important challenge not only within gender departments but is a clue of our everyday development.