Patrick Zaki defended his Master's Thesis obtaining Honours

Fri, 07/14/2023 - 13:50
The Evaluation Committee applaud after Patrick Zaki's defence

From the coordination of the Erasmus Mundus Master’s Degree in Women's and Gender Studies (GEMMA) we are very happy to announce that on July 5th the student Patrick Zaki defended from Egypt, by videoconference with the University of Bologna, his Master's Thesis "Media for and against public engagement", obtaining Honours.
Patrick Zaki, a GEMMA Erasmus Mundus Master scholarship holder, was arrested on February 7, 2020 when he was returning to Egypt for a brief visit to his family after sitting his exams at the University of Bologna. He was kept in prison for no justified reason for 2 years and has remained under house arrest since 2022. Patrick has been awaiting trial for these three years. After the last deferral he has been summoned for July 18th.
We would like to express our gratitude for the unconditional support provided by the institutions participating in the GEMMA consortium (Bologna, CEU, Granada, Lodz, Oviedo, Utrecht, York) and especially to the authorities of the universities of Bologna and Granada. Their support has been crucial for Patrick to be able to complete his training in the GEMMA master's degree.
We bring below some warm words of gratitude from Patrick himself to both universities, as well as to all the people who continue to support him:

“Voglio ringraziare il consorzio GEMMA, in particulare l’Università di Bologna e l'Università di Granada, per tutto il supporto fornitomi per poter continuare gli studi del mio master GEMMA nonostante la distanza.  Inoltre, non posso lasciar passare questa opportunità senza menzionare Rita Monticelli, coordinatrice locale del GEMMA a Bologna, e Adelina Sánchez, come coordinatrice europea, e che mi hanno aiutato a continuare i miei studi dopo quello che ho passato.  I rettori, vicerettori, il professore, il personale e i miei colleghi hanno creato tutte le condizioni che mi hanno permesso di conseguire la laurea, a Bologna e a Granada, quindi sono davvero grato a tutti loro.  Sono orgoglioso di aver fatto parte della famiglia Gemma, a Bologna, a Granada e in Europa. Sembra sempre impossibile finché non viene fatto. Questa frase si avvicina molto al mio caso. Lo studio è stata la mia resistenza. Oggi sono felice.”

"I would like to thank the GEMMA consortium, in particular the University of Bologna and the University of Granada, for all the support they have kindly given me to be able to continue my GEMMA Master's studies despite the distance.  I cannot let this opportunity pass without acknowledging Rita Monticelli, local GEMMA coordinator in Bologna, and Adelina Sanchez, as European coordinator, who supported me in continuing my studies after all that I have suffered.  The rectors, the vice-rectors, the faculty, the staff and my classmates, in Bologna and in Granada, have made it possible for me to obtain this degree, for which I am truly grateful to all of them.  I am proud of being a part of the GEMMA family, in Bologna, in Granada and in Europe. Everything seems impossible until it is achieved. This phrase is very appropriate in my case. Studying has meant resisting. Today I am happy".

Patrick Zaki and the Selection Committee during the defence


Patrick Zaki