Erasmus Mundus Scholarships for partner country (Non EU students)

Scholarships offered in GEMMA belong to Action 1 strand of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission and are designed to cover some of the expenses students incur throughout their study period. Each scholarship is strictly linked to a placement in the programme and can only be offered for the entire duration of GEMMA, which is 2 years. Candidates must be in possession of at least a Bachelor´s degree (or its equivalent) and should have an excellent academic record. The Selection Committee formed by Coordinators from all partner universities selects the best candidates on the basis of CVs, academic merit, motivation, recommendations, language skills, etc. See the description of selection criteria (section IV of the document). The European Commission confirms this selection and officially assigns the grants.


Partner country scholarships can be awarded to students selected by the GEMMA Consortium who

  • come from a partner country (Non EU) other than a Programme country and
  • who are not residents nor have carried out their main activity (studies, training or work) in a Programme country (EU) for more than a total of 12 months over the last five years.

Please see page 96 of the new Erasmus+ Programme Guide (pdf) . You can also find the current definitions of Partner and Programme countries on pages 22-24 of the new Erasmus+ Programme Guide (pdf).

  • Only candidates who have applied to and have been accepted by the GEMMA Consortium in accordance with its specific student application and selection criteria are eligible for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship in GEMMA.
  • Scholarship candidates must have already obtained a higher education degree or demonstrate a recognized equivalent level of learning according to national legislation and practices.
  • Individuals who have already benefited from an Erasmus Mundus scholarship are not eligible for a second scholarship for the same or another Erasmus+ programme.
  • Students benefiting from an EMJMD scholarship cannot receive another EU grant while pursuing their Erasmus Mundus Master's studies.

Scholarship amount

The Erasmus Mundus scholarship covers the programme’s tuition fees and participation costs. Additionally, the scholarship includes a monthly contribution to subsistence costs (1.000 euros during the 24-month duration of the Programme) and a yearly contribution to the travel and installation costs. The GEMMA Consortium pays the grants to students according to specific payment arrangements which are communicated to the grantees in advance. Please check the Erasmus+ Guide (pdf) for further information on page 96.

GEMMA students holding an Erasmus Mundus scholarship must:

  • Commit themselves to participating in the Master's programme in accordance with the terms defined by the Consortium in the Student Agreement. Failure to do so might lead to the cancellation of the scholarship.
  • Spend their study period in at least two universities located in two different European countries. Please see page 94 of the new Erasmus+ Guide (pdf).
  • The mandatory mobility periods cannot be replaced by virtual mobility, nor can they take place at institutions outside the consortium.

Important: Before starting the programme, students holding an Erasmus Mundus scholarship will be required to sign a Student Agreement and an Annex confirming that they meet all the eligibility criteria, including the 12-month rule:

Template of the Student Agreement and the 12-month rule Annex: Agreement +4.000Km (pdf), Agreement -4.000Km (pdf) and Annex 12-month rule (pdf)